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 How to advertise on this site.
Our visitors.

How to place advertising, (the online guide to starting-up, buying and expanding a business), is visited by thousands of people every day.

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To find the right campaign for a price that suits your budget phone us on:

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Some types of classified ad can be up and running within minutes.
See the list below:

What do you want to advertise?

Commercial Land, Offices and Properties
You can design, preview, purchase and start displaying your advert within minutes.
Submit a 'Property Offered' advert

A Business Opportunity
You can design, preview, purchase and start displaying your advert within minutes. Choose the appropriate advertising section from the list below:

Business for Sale
Franchise Opportunity
Investment Opportunity / Partners Wanted
Business Packages / Start-up Kits
Training Courses
Agents/Distributors Wanted
Network Marketing / MLM
Internet Opportunities / Make Your Website Pay

Business Services
You can design, preview, purchase and start displaying your advert within minutes.
Submit a 'Services Offered' advert

Business Equipment (Free-Ads)
It is free to advertise business equipment and furniture sold as one off items. However, there is a charge for advertisers whose main line of business is the supply, retail or manufacture of such goods.
Buy or sell business equipment here!

Products and Other Advertising
For all other classified advertising, simply call us:

Content Integration / Advertorials

Our visitors use our web site because they want to purchase a product/service or gain specific business information. Our aim is to enable them to do this quickly and without fuss - you can help us to help them!

There are many cases where we can target your campaign to reach potential customers at the precise moment that they require your particular product, service or specialist advice. We are flexible, thoughtful and helpful. So, call us to discuss your needs and we will create a campaign that helps you to achieve both you and your customer's end goals. (Scroll down the page to see our phone number).

Graphic Display Ads / Advertising Agencies

By running a 'graphic display' advertising campaign on our site, such as banners, you will benefit from exposing your/your client's brand image to hundreds of thousands of key business decision makers.

Regular advertisers include; Microsoft, Barclays, WSI, BT and HSBC. Call us to discuss your requirements. (Scroll down the page to see our phone number).

Submitting 'Wanted Adverts'

You can also use our web site to advertise your specific requirements to potential sellers.

Request a 'business to buy' / business opportunity
Request land, property or premises

Any Questions?

   If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on :


Who should advertise?

Any one who;

  • wants to sell their business,
  • is a business transfer agent,
  • offers franchise opportunities,
  • is looking for agents or distributors,
  • has premises for sale/ lease,
  • can offer accountancy services,
  • offers finance for business start-up or expansion,
  • publishes business software,
  • offers any business service whatsoever!
Non-exhaustive list of previous / current advertisers include :

Keltic Business Transfer Agents (consistently since 1999); Turner & Co Business Transfer Agents; Google Inc (Their first Adwords promo in the UK offering £156,000 worth of £10 Adwords tokens to our visitors. We also display Adsense creative); Microsoft BCentral; Microsoft Small Business Server; LloydsTSB Insurance; HSBC Business Banking; / Business Link (UK Government Agencies);; Sage Software; BBC Business Unit; Canon and countless satisfied commercial property landlords, private business sellers and business service providers.