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Affiliate Scheme Coming Soon

We are currently developing an affiliate system which links to various features & services of the StartInBusiness website, including;

• Business opportunities & franchises
• Businesses, premises & land for sale,
• Business premises & land request service,

We are looking for websites and partners who:
• Specialise in offering services to particular industries e.g. catering, publishing, mining etc.
• Who offer services to people who are either buying, starting-up or expanding a business. e.g finance agents, accountants, surveyors etc.


We will soon be able to accept online credit card payments and have devised a series of lower priced (£10 - £30) products and services to encourage impulse purchases.

We will pay you 25% of all orders for all 'StartinBusiness products and services' generated by referrals from your website, (up to maximum of £50 per order).

See our current rate card to get an idea of our rates.

Join me up!

Please contact us discuss this further.

In the meantime...

If you value our content and wish to create links immediately here are a few banners to use.

To place one of our banner advertisements onto your own website, simply make your choice from the options below, and then right click on it to download it. Post it onto your site with a link to the following URL:

Then contact us via e-mail, stating the URL of the web page that it will appear on. We may return the favour.
Thank you.



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'Start in Business' Best Sellers :

The Beermat Entrepreneur : Advice on Turning a Good Idea into a Great Business.
How to Make Millions With Your Ideas : An Entrepreneur's Guide.
Richard Branson : The Authorised Biography
Motley Fool : Make your Child a Millionaire.
Hackers and Painters : What impact will programmers have on the rest of us?

Legal Document Templates :
Trading : Debtors & Creditors, Contracts & Letters etc.
Corporate : Corporate Docs & Forms, Company Admin, Companies House Forms
Employment : Recruitment, Staff Management, Discipline & Dismissal
Health & Safety : Health & Safety Statements, H & S Forms

Retailer's and Trader's Resources :

UK Wholesale Directory + Product Database :
SimplyWholesale : Find suppliers & view live wholesale offers.

Wholesale Directory - List of Suppliers :
UK-Trader's Wholesale Guide : Used by thousands of traders. Instant download.

Business Software :
Business Plan Software : Generate a solid business plan.

Gadgets / Future :
Electronic Product Code ( EPC ) Network : Research into the future of products
Buying Gadgets : The first Bluetooth products on the market.
Making Gadgets : Programming wireless devices with Java 2 ME.

Fun Stuff / Entertainment :
Ghana Soundz, Music : Probably the best music you will ever hear
The Office, TV Series : Useful when training your staff!
Need a Better Office Ambiance? : Sound like a call centre on the telephone!

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