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Business For Sale : Franchised Electronics Components Distributor
Location : Buckinghamshire, UK
Leasehold | Asking Price: £ 260,000
This successful electronics components distribution business has been established for more than 38 years and has earned an excellent name & enviable reputation for its standards of both product quality and service. A well known supplier to the industry throughout the world, the business has a extensive and almost unrivalled, stock of products that ranges from the most up to date and current to the almost historic. Certain components may not have been manufactured for some years but the scope and range of this business’ stock is such that many clients have been saved the effects of significant replacement costs of whole units by virtue of this business’ ability to source valuable items no longer in production. The main business accommodates the commercial and industrial sectors and supplies its products throughout the world. The business has recently been made the sole distributor for a significant manufacturer in the USA and crucially part numbers are specific for the company protecting and ensuring future business for ongoing projects and future design-in projects. This is especially important for who design-in when parts go EOL with no replacements. The business has been in the current owners’ ownership since 2009, when it was acquired from the founder. Stock management is of paramount importance and so staff are able to provide instant stock availability and delivery information, quotations, negotiate volume pricing and organise scheduled orders readily, for customers. For certain manufacturers this company possesses the largest stock of components in the world. The business utilises Microsoft Excel and Sage for its stock control, customer data management and accounting. The business manages as many as 100 individual clients as an average, in any goven month and this leads to an average 150 orders per month.Contact: Turner Butler

[Advert Ref: BFS:IG034]

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