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Business For Sale : Import Management, Logistics, Purchasing & Confirming House
Location : Bath / China, Bath, UK
Leasehold | Asking Price: £3,000,000
This successful purchasing and confirming business has been established for more than 8 years and has earned an excellent name & enviable reputation for its standards of both product quality and service. The business is developed from the vendor’s background in the industry and deep knowledge of the issues and problems inherent in managing the process of sourcing overseas manufacturing & supply, FX, import, logistics, holding and delivery. Since its commencement of trading the vendor has found a willing client base for whom it is said that this management service was one that trade had been waiting for. As the business has grown, new personnel and service products have been added to both extend the complete service offering and also ensure the efficient and professional standards of that service.Contact: Turner Butler

[Advert Ref: BFS:GI052]

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