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Business For Sale : MoonJourneys is owned and operated by MAN Private Limited
Location : London, United Kingdom - UK
Asking Price: Offers Invited
MoonJourneys is owned and operated by MAN Private Limited and was started in 2016 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We aim to revolutionise the travel industry across the world. We pride ourselves in making flights and hotels booking simple by partnering with technologically advanced providers to make sure you get the best price and great quality. Our vision is to make travel booking experience simple and enjoyable. We as a company continuously strive to innovate and generate new ideas which place us in a league ahead from our competitors. We offer the most competitive rates to our customers which we believe leads to enhanced customer satisfaction. Our price comparison software powered by our suppliers are developed using advanced and most powerful algorithms which automatically looks for the best prices available and offer the most competitive prices to our customers.Contact: Owner Sellers Limited

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