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100% fresh-100% organic-Health&Cosmetics&Food Supplements - United Kingdom - all EUROPE

I am looking for people in Europe who are health-conscious and ecologically aware and are interested in an ethical business? An Austrian company, since 20 years in business, starts in Europe now. The Company has had 30% to 40% growth year on year and have already entered the German, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Spanish markets (now looking to the UK) and are growing rapidly. Therefore I am searching for people who also want to do something positive for our environment and earn money by doing so. Our big vision is a greener world by not using chemical products or products including mineral oil. The main subjects of our products and our busniess are: 100% Freshness 100% active ingredients 100% consequent 100% ethics 100% environmentally-friendly 100% sensitive 100% vegan and no animal testing... Join us and make the world a greener one!
Tel: 00436509927658
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