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Synergy Worldwide
Natural Supplements - UK

Asking Price: £197

Synergy Worldwide business opportunity Is a fun, exciting and rewarding business promoting heart health, reducing blood pressure, high cholesterol and providing a healthy lifestyle. Get paid as customers see the evidence of, and experience the benefits of improved health by using our products. This business opportunity will not only reward you financially, it also improves people’s health and well being, often dramatically. (Unique ref 1628154) What we promote is a totally unique product. Our focus is all about 'evidence based' health. A rapidly growing company in the UK and Worldwide opportunities. Through the discovery highlighted in the 1998 Nobel prize in medicine, we have access to an ingredient that can not only prevent heart disease and stroke but even reverse those conditions whilst normalizing blood pressure, increasing stamina. (unique ref 1628154)
Tel: 07737 548132
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