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There is no charge for advertising business equipment, shop fittings etc sold as one-off items.

*However, there is a charge for advertisers whose main line of business is the supply, retail or manufacture of such goods. If you are selling a complete business as a package this should go into our business for sale section. (We also have a seperate section for contacting buyers of businesses).
Please contact us for details of the advertising rates.

Please write in English. Please do not submit spam adverts. Am I submitting a spammy advert?

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N.B Use an email address that you are willing to display online to The World. You do not have to provide an email address at all. As with any advertising, be wary of all responses, especially foreign enquiries and any unusual requests such as; people asking you to open a bank account for them.

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I understand that this service is only to be used to trade business equipment and is not to be used by those wishing to recruit unfortunate individuals into 'get rich quick schemes' or promote totally obscure websites 'on the cheap'.
If deems my advert to be 'taking the p**s' out of this FREE service then i will accept all public ridicule that may come my way.

The Business Advertisement Disclosure Order 1977 requires all advertisments by people who seek to sell goods in the course of business to make the fact clear. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to comply with the Order. It is an offence for which you may be prosecuted not to advertise the fact that you are a trader.

Your advert will last no longer than 60 days. To remove your advert before that time - simply phone us indicating which advert you wish to remove.

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