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  Services Explained : Finance Brokers / Lending Solutions - United Kingdom

Why is using a Finance Broker good for business

By Heston Ward, First Commercial Finance Ltd
Copyright 2002
Last Modifed Date: 2010 Feb 24th

A good finance broker can provide many choices from a variety of lenders who all want to operate in a different market place and with varying types of equipment and funding structures.

Every business has five major components, which must work together in order to function effectively. These are: Personnel, Equipment, Premises, Product & Services and finally, the most vital 'Capital' - without cash resources, no organisation can continue to exist, 'Capital is the 'Lifeblood'.

For example, if equipment or vehicles are required, the right finance broker should provide a range of lease and purchase options. If premises are sought, you should have a full range of secured loans and commercial mortgage facilities available to you but most importantly, if a business needs capital, you should have access to a wide range of finance and lines of credit.

Each and every component of the business structure grows and wanes throughout its development, the only consistent factor is the growing need for capital. From the strongest economy, to the worst recessions, capital will always be a prime resource - more personnel and stock, motor vehicles and equipment, stock and premises, the demand on capital in a growing business is insatiable.

Talking to a good finance broker will save you both time and money. Consider the huge amount of time alone that would be spent researching and presenting your financial proposals. Banks and conventional lending institutions lend on specific and inflexible criteria and generally, to those who do not need the money. Many financial proposals are turned down because they are packaged and presented in the wrong way, and even presented to the wrong lending organisation - leading people to think that their deal is non-fundable.

Whether you are looking for Asset Finance, a loan for a Leasehold Retail Business, Property development funding or finance to improve your existing business cash-flow, it is important to approach the right lender.

So remember, selecting the right people to help you raise funding for your venture can be as important as buying the right business.

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