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Inspired by the Chanel 4 TV program bar wars ? If you really want to own a licensed bar, not just run one , then this is the place to buy a UCO Class A3 Food and drink business or property

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Bar Wars - From the makers of Big Brother.

It's a Battle Of The Sexes In A New Series Coming To Channel 4 and E4.

Starting Friday 14th September at 11.00pm on Channel Four, Bar Wars is a new entertainment series that follows the progress of two teams who will battle it out to run rival beach bars on the sun-drenched resort of Kavos on Corfu. Each bar has five team members - and it's boys against girls.

Entrepreneurial skill, team-work and dedication are essential as their challenge, over a summer season, is to make as much profit as possible.

Every week, the bar making the least amount of money must fire a team member. The harsh sacking process happens through an open group discussion about who is the weakest member of the team. The fired contestant is then escorted to the airport and flown home. The losers must then interview and hire a replacement from a choice of two potential candidates. While the losing bar has to cope with firing of one of their team-mates, the weekly winners will enjoy a celebratory day-off.

At the end of the series, the team showing the biggest profit gets to keep the takings from both bars, while losers will walk away empty-handed.

Bar Wars will follow the adventures and characters that emerge as each team copes with running a successful business in a foreign country and living in shared accommodation with a group of strangers in a heaving tourist resort. Pulling in the punters is the name of the game and the teams' initiative in devising events and stunts as well as the ability to mix a decent cocktail will decide the outcome. The relationships between the contestants and the rival teams are at the very heart of the show. How will the team-mates get on with each other? Will the back-breaking work lead to back-stabbing bitchiness? And will anyone dare to betray his or her comrades by seeking love in the rival camp?

Roving cameras will follow them at home, work and at play as the teams deal with holiday makers, islanders, local authorities and other distractions that may tempt them from the day-to-day mission of running a successful business and winning Bar Wars.

Eight weeks of exclusive, undiluted action from the two bars builds throughout the week on E4 (Monday to Thursday) culminating in a regular Friday night highlights show on Channel Four, which features the weekly 'sacking'.

It's girls against boys at where Bar Wars fans can catch up with the latest developments on the show, their favourite characters and even play interactive games. Each week a new game will appear on the site, testing everything from your bar tending skills to pub quiz knowledge.

For Info Junkies

What are the basic rules of Bar Wars?
  • Each bar gets a start-up budget of 2500 and individuals receive a personal weekly living allowance of 150.
  • In any given week, one bar will be the losing bar and the other bar will be the winning bar. The weekly losing bar is the bar that has made the least profits in that week.
  • The weekly losing bar has to sack and replace one team member at the end of that week.
  • The overall winning bar will be entitled to receive a prize equal to the net profits of both the winning bar and the losing bar combined, to be shared amongst the team. Only the 5 remaining members of the winning team - which will not include anyone who has been sacked from that team, no matter how recently they have been sacked - are eligible to share in the prize.
  • The winning bar will be the bar with the highest cumulative total profit after the full 8 weeks of the game.
  • The bar license permits the contestants to sell alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, tea and basic bar snacks and they must chose their own stock suppliers. They are not permitted to sell cigarettes or to prepare food.
  • The bar must be open from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Monday.
  • Each team member must work a minimum of six hours per day, five days a week, They must maintain safe, hygienic and clean premises without causing complaints from other bar owners, residents or the authorities.
Do the bars get any help?
  • Real world market forces dictate the outcome - the contestants must decide how the money is spent, and how they make the bar a success.
  • Apart from staging the scene for the competition - the programme makers only provide basic advice and information for the contestants.
  • The production team provides each bar with; 30 sun-loungers and umbrellas, 1 till, fridges, 1 ice-cream fridge, 1 industrial fridge, 1 ice machine, 1 kettle, 50 pint glasses, 50 soft drink glasses, 40 tall cocktail glasses, 40 mid sized plastic glasses, Ashtrays, 1 glass cleaner, Coffee/tea cups, Beer mats, Serviettes, Bottle openers, Blender, Cocktail shaker, Speed pours, Juicer, Bar spoon, Measuring jiggers, Ice crusher, Ice scoops and a bouncer. All other items, stock, promotional material and entertainments must be purchased from their start-up fund.
Can they cheat?
  • The Bar Wars accountant, George, keeps a watchful eye on the tills as well as a running total of how much money they're making - or losing.
Other Information?
  • In other 'reality' shows, like Big Brother and Survivor, interaction with the outside world is strictly prohibited - these shows can only work in a strictly controlled environment.
  • Bar Wars embraces contact with the external forces, it's an essential part of the show.
  • As no individual person can win Bar Wars - it focuses efforts on team spirit.
  • There is no ready-made prize fund - contestants must earn their money through hard graft.

the Bar Wars boys & girls

The Girls


Daniella (25) from Manchester - has dabbled in casinos, modelling, tourism, advertising sales and bar work but her ambition is to be a singer. Passionate and opinionated, Daniella's hero is Margaret Thatcher.

'I am confident that I can do anything I want to do. I make people want to be around me, whether they hate me or love me. I motivate people and entertain people.'

Jennie - Louise

Jennie - Louise (21) from Birmingham spent three years in the army - two of which in Northern Ireland. She was in Omagh when the bomb went off. Driven and highly competitive she says;

'I'm just going to get on with the job. Working and living with people I don't know or like is something I had to do in the army - you have no choice. In the army you tell people straight if you don't like them but they still know you'll cover their back in any situation. But in civvy street it's much harder to tell someone you don't like them. It all gets a bit more personal'


Katie (22) from London has just completed a marketing degree at University. Her experience over several summers as an 18-30 rep as well as bar and waitressing work will be an advantage to her on the island.

'I would like to stay until the end because I really want to achieve something. I am going to go there to do a good job and work really hard. If my work is not good enough then my time will be over but I think I can do it. 'I'm hoping that I make good friends that in 10 years time we'll still be mates and we'll look back and talk about Bar Wars together.'


Louise (23) from Liverpool studied performing arts at college and hopes to complete her dance training in New York. Excitable and energetic, Louise has worked as a bar maid for the last five years and is driven by a passion for experiencing life.

"The money does not motivate me - I hate the way it takes over people's lives. I'm going to work my butt off and will be really upset if I'm sacked. They won't vote me off. They can't!"


Serena (27) lives in Hampshire but also has a flat in Knightsbridge. She has worked in PR for many years and also as a nanny in France. She has practiced yoga for 15 years and describes herself as an 'artist with a wild mind'.

"I'm very direct and if someone is not pulling their weight I will confront them. Everyone on the team should be there for the right reason and if they aren't, they've got to go."

The Boys


John (21) is a law graduate from Tamworth, West Midlands. He's organised parties at university and never worked in bar before but asks 'How hard can it be'. 'I'm not a looker,' he admits, 'I've been picked for my devilish, rapier wit.'

'I'm doing Bar Wars to have my fifteen minutes of fame while I'm still young and virile enough to take advantage of the women it will inevitable throw my way.'


Martin (28) from Rugby is a senior engineer for a well-known car company. He owns three properties and his own motocross racing team. He arrived on the island with a flip chart and plans to use his US business methodology to win.

"I want to make it to the end. It could be that I don't want to come across as too much of a leader. Even if I were to benefit the team as a leader people might not like that and take a dislike to me. The last thing I want to do is get kicked out. The main objective is to win."


Smooth-talking Richard (24) from London is a fitness instructor at an up-market health club. He's no stranger to 18-30 holidays; he's worked in bars before and loves Dj'ing.

'Of course I want to win it. I would be silly if I said I am going to win it but I want to win it. I'm just happy to be having the experience at the moment and I suppose I'll be happy if I last four or five weeks. But really I want to win. I want the bar to be atmospheric and fit in with the scenery. I really feel I can create something that's going to make people want to hang around.'

Stephen 'B'

Stephen (24) from Chester is a professional barman and cocktail waiter. He's a pro-wrestling fan who's training to be a tattoo artist - he has four piercings, including both nipples. He's engaged to a Californian girl that he met on the Internet.

'Running this bar is my Vietnam'. I am convinced our bar will win and I will do anything to that end. I'll have more brains and ideas than most people there,'

Stephen 'S'

Stephen (25) from Windsor lives life in the fast lane and is extremely competitive. He runs his own motor racing company and can also teach skiing. He say's 'It's all or nothing for me. I don't like doing things half heartedly.'

'Guys can argue and say it how it is. Girls do things differently. They're more sneaky and devious and say things behind your back. I'm definitely more comfortable in a group of guys. I haven't ever had any female friends as such, though I have had girlfriends."

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