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 Start-up flow chart : Attracting business finance / capital
Time and money.

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Aquaint yourself with the various methods of attracting investment.

The main providers of finance for businesses are banks and financial institutions, but the government does provide some assistance.

When presenting your ideas to potential investors / lenders, it is wise to create a business plan.

Using a Finance Broker

Many financial proposals are turned down because they are packaged and presented in the wrong way, and even presented to the wrong lending organisation - leading people to think that their deal is non-fundable. Whether you are looking for Asset Finance, a loan for a Leasehold Retail Business, Property development funding or finance to improve your existing business cash-flow, it is important to approach the right lender. So remember, selecting the right people to help you raise funding for your venture can be as important as choosing the right business.
Why using a finance broker can be good for business.
Find a finance broker.

Persuading the Bank to Invest in your Business

Some tips on borrowing from your bank - Written by Barclays.

Equity Capital

Raising equity capital involves selling a share of a business to a venture capital company or an informal investor. Although venture capital companies are the main providers of equity finance, they are highly selective about the investments they make and normally do not invest in amounts under 100,000; although there are exceptions, particularly for seed investments in potentially high growth ventures.

Further information is available from:
The British Venture Capital Association.
TiE Entrepreneurs

Informal Investment -'Business Angels'.

The alternative to venture capital providers, as a source of smaller amounts of equity capital, is informal investment. These investors are private individuals, usually with a business background. They are willing to make investments in small business in return for an equity stake. They can also offer the benefits of their own management expertise.

Further information :
Business Links: T. 0845 756 7765
National Business Angels Network: T. +44 (0) 20 7329 2929
The British Venture Capital Association.
TiE Entrepreneurs

Government Loans, Grants and Schemes.

Certain British and European government bodies offer financial support based on various criteria; your age, region / country, employment status etc. It is not practical to list these organisations on this page. See a summary of the organisations offering financial assistance.

Further information :
Department of Trade and Industry
Business Links: T. 0845 756 7765

Do I need investment?

If you are starting a business from scratch, rather than buying a business or franchise, you don't necessarily have to invest a large amount of money into your start-up.

Many successfull entrepreneurs started up 'on a shoestring'. It is a sad fact that many people have never considered starting a business because they have held the belief that self employment is out of their financial grasp. RUBBISH.

There's no denying that substantial initial investment can be a great help, but money is not the only factor.

It takes courage and financial resources to have the confidence to leave a secure job, career and regular wage in the wake of a new business venture, but there are other options...

Some businesses ('agents wanted' & MLM etc.) can be started and run on a part time basis, thus allowing you to maintain regular earnings while the venture picks up speed.

Planning and carefully thinking it through can minimize risks.
It is unwise to overstretch yourself.

Be prepared to invest a lot of time into your business, success needs dedication. Make sure you have the full support of your family.

Are You Already in Debt?

If you are already in debt, you may wish to consider using the services of a debt management solutions company to help you manage your creditors.


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