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Start In Business
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Starting a business 'from scratch'.

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Conceiving your business idea / Planning.

Be sure to consider all of the systems and processes involved in running a business early on. Be aware of any problems you may have, and then work out ways of dealing with them well before you start trading.

Think hard about your business idea.
Formulate your product / service & identify your market.

Identify & observe your competition.
Look at their strengths and weaknesses.

How will you attract your customers?

Where are you going to set up in business?

What equipment do you need to get started?

It may be worth discussing your ideas
with your local Business Link and other
related organisations.

A good accountant will be happy to offer you sound advice at this stage of the start-up process. However, the quality of this advice will depend on the accuracy of the information that you give to them.
If you wish to convince them that you are serious
about your plans and want a reliable quote
for the forecasted accountancy fees it is worth
considering and preparing for the following questions:

How many staff will you need to employ in your first 6 months / year?

Have you completed a business plan?

Have you formulated a realistic cash flow forecast?

Talk to some accountants and choose
one that you feel comfortable with.

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