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 The Indus Entrepreneurs
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TiE has helped create businesses worth more than $200 billion.

TiE's philosophical base is a strong mix of the Silicon Valley culture of economic value creation through Entrepreneurship, and the ancient Indian tradition of Guru/Chela or Teacher/Disciple) relationship. This gives rise to a very productive mentoring relationship between experienced and budding entrepreneurs through the two-way exchange of value in experience and knowledge.

TiE has explicitly established to:
• To foster entrepreneurship and to nurture entrepreneurs;
• To network and to facilitate networking among members;
TiE encourages its Charter Members to participate as mentors, angel investors and board members in start up companies.

TiE is an organisation chartered by entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots or interest in the Indus region, with the explicit goal of benefiting all entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and professionals with an interest in entrepreneurship. The values and beliefs of TiE are rooted in the culture and value system of the Silicon Valley.
TiE believes that:
• Entrepreneurship and wealth creation are worthwhile human endeavours;
• Entrepreneurs with Indus roots have a special role to play because of their unique experiences;
• Successful entrepreneurs find a sense of fulfilment in helping budding entrepreneurs.

Facts & Figures

• Tie now has 16 chapters (1 UK, 9 US, 1 Canada, and 5 in India). Worldwide, there are about 600 Charter Members and roughly 8,000 Members; growing at an outstanding pace reflecting huge demand for our mentoring services.
• A 200 person TiE delegation were invited to accompany President Bill Clinton to India to meet the Indian PM earlier this year.
• In 1998 there were 788 Silicon Valley high-tech companies led by Indians (Dun and Bradstreet)
• Chinese and Indian software engineers were senior executives at about one-quarter of Silicon Valley's new technology businesses in 1998 - businesses that together accounted for more than $16.8 billion in sales and 58,282 jobs. (June 1999, UC Berkeley professor AnnaLee Sexenian)
• 1 in 10 tech start ups in the Valley is headed by an Indian (June 1999, UC Berkeley professor AnnaLee Sexenian)
• Since its inception TiE has managed to IPO over 50 start-ups - making it more prolific than many venture capital funds.

What does TiE stand for and what does it represent?

TiE stands for "The Indus Entrepreneurs"; the name reflects the Indus or South Asian origin of the individuals who chartered the organisation. It has been a strong belief of the TiE team that the organisation offers a significant platform to bring together the Indus entrepreneurs with roots in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal) for shared purpose and vision. TiE is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of Entrepreneurship. It is an open, inclusive, and transparent organisation in all its beliefs and actions.

Is TiE membership limited to people of Indus origin?

No! In fact, TiE welcomes all entrepreneurs to join its membership and activities. The Charter Membership is by invitation, based on one's accomplishments as a professional and/or an entrepreneur. Annual dues are required from all.

How does one become a member of TiE?

Any one interested in affiliating with TiE as a member can sign-up by paying annual dues. The recommended way for sign-up is to visit our website

How does one become a Charter Member of TiE?

If an individual feels that he/she is qualified to be a Charter member at any existing chapter, he/she should approach two existing Charter Members at that chapter for sponsorship. The process of approval goes through the Board and the Executive Committee of that chapter.

Does TiE have any religious or political agendas or objectives?

No! TiE does not engage in political or religious activities, which tend to divide people. TiE is an inclusive organisation for the benefit of all entrepreneurs who subscribe to its objectives.

Is TiE also a venture/investment organisation?

No! TiE is not a venture/investments organisation. However, TiE members, through their network relationships, often invest in companies with TiE affiliations. TiE also does not endorse any investments, even though companies may be presented at TiE events.

How and when was TiE started?

The concept of TiE was born at the end of 1992 at a lunch meeting of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and professionals. Initially a small group of individuals launched the monthly activities and attracted others. By 1994, TiE became a formal organisation with a larger group and significant visibility. TiE remains a strong volunteer organisation with the single-minded focus on its objective of advancing entrepreneurship.

Please give us some examples of TiE related known companies?

Exodus Communications, Sycamore Communications, Hot Mail, Junglee, Versata, Selectica, are some of the highly visible examples. How is TiE helping the Indus region? By helping start five chapters in India, the TiE movement is very much present in India. We are also attempting and encouraging chapters in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The Indian Government has also sought the help of TiE members on advancing its economic policies. We believe that TiE will become a strong catalyst in the new economic growth of the Indus region.

What are the long-term goals of TiE?

TiE aspires to continue the expansion of its chapters and membership worldwide, while maintaining the clear focus on its objectives and philosophies. TiE will therefore continue to emphasise, encourage, and support entrepreneurs everywhere, who subscribe to its values. TiE also strives to be a catalyst in the formulation of economic policies of open markets everywhere. In summary, TiE will continue to push for global prosperity through entrepreneurship.

Tie now has 16 chapters (1 UK, 9 US, 1 Canada, and 5 in India). Worldwide, there are about 600 Charter Members and roughly 8,000 Members; growing at an outstanding pace reflecting huge demand for our mentoring services.
Apurv Bagri, President of TiE-UK said: "TiE seeks to foster entrepreneurship as a worthy human endeavour in itself. We believe in an exchange of experience and knowledge, as between guru and student. Our charter members are some of the most successful in the world at what they do - which is building world-class businesses. Yet it is precisely this type of experience that new dot-coms heavily funded lack."

TiE website Full of news and information and the place to join TiE.

For interviews; further information; please contact:

Hon. Apurv Bagri, Chairman TiE UK
( Tel: 0120 7606 8321)
(With Lord Bagri -Chairman of the LME, heads MetDist)

Alpesh Patel, Chair, Communications and PR
(, Tel/Fax: 0120 7286 6718)

Harpal Randhawa, Chair, Sponsorship Committee,
( Tel: 0120 7947 5044
(Chairman and CEO, antfactory)

Nishit Kotecha, Chair, Events Committee
(, Tel: 0120 7260 1929)
(Head of Technology & Internet Equity Capital Markets, Lehman Brothers)

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