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Year 2000

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Site navigation.

This site has been designed to give you the information that you want quickly and without fuss.

Global Navigation Bar.
Click on the navigation bar at the top of each page (it's red with yellow letters) to view menus which are specific to a section of the site. We recommend using these menus.

Side menu.
The menu that runs down the side of each page lists links to other Related Pages. This changes with each page.

The Page Footer.
At the very bottom of every page, you will find links to the main site functions and administration pages. (scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and look for small text below the red strip).

Finding certain words within a page e.g 'Cafe'

Sometimes you might come to a web page, and see a lot of text on it.
You will save time finding what you want by using the 'find on page function' .

If you have a Microsoft computer:
1. First, [ Click here! ] (if nothing happens, dont worry)
2. Then, press and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard
3. Then press the letter F on your keyboard.
4. You can lift your fingers off the keyboard now.
5. A pop-up window should appear - Try finding the word 'Cafe' on this page!


Searching the content of this web site.

Use the search function to find:

ĽA particular piece of advice e.g VAT Tax advice
ĽA particular type of business opportunity e.g. restaurant
ĽA particular country, region, county or town. e.g El Salvador

See the search tips for further information on searches.

Back Button

Most browsers have a 'back' and 'forward' button above the main window on the top left of your screen. These buttons are always very useful for surfing the Internet.


As a computer owner, you have the right to choose what you see on your computer screen. But, please don't forget that 'Content blocking software' or 'Ad Blocking Software' can alter the appearance and meaning of the content of a website. Some 'content blocking software' (such as Norton) has even been known to reverse the meaning of the information that we provide - so, if it is installed on your computer, please turn it off or set your preferences to NOT block content from this web site:
Leave your pop-up blocker ON if you wish.

See some screen pictures showing how Norton affects our content.

How to turn blocking off
In Norton Internet Security 2005 :
Open Norton's main menu > Click Norton Anti-Spam > Click Ad Blocking > Click the 'Turn Off' button (if it is showing). After doing this you may need to remove any cached pages from your internet cache to ensure that you are viewing 'fresh pages' (that are being displayed as intended).

We don't mind the fact that the Norton Software is helping to rid the World of the most annoying examples of dastardly, evil, online advertising - some advertising tactics can be very costly to the users in terms of time and data transfer costs. Webmasters will just have 'tone down' their advertising methods and consider charging subscription fees to heavy users of information, services and support.

However, please don't write angry letters to us demanding that our website is not working if the software that you are running on your computer is altering the web pages that you see.