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The Armchair Tycoon Corporation provide a truly Global Home-Based Business, together with the security of a guaranteed income of up to $100,000 per year!

This can be achieved with the minimum of effort and with no selling or personal contact required on your part!

No previous business or Internet experience is required.

Full guidance & 24 hour toll-free Support is provided to all business owners. Our complete business packages start from just US $1,995 (UK £1,330), and include the full setup of four money-spinning integrated websites, plus a lifetime of business ownership and a lifetime of powerful multiple, passive and perpetual income streams!

All you need to do is generate leads through your online and off-line marketing.

Through our Global Sales Centre Network, we do all the selling for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need to do is generate leads through your online and off-line marketing - and leave the rest to us. We'll show you exactly how to generate hundreds of leads, at little or no cost.

Big Commissions.

Dependent upon your initial entry level, each sale we make for you could be worth between US $500 (UK £333) and US $11,250 (UK £7,500). We pay the highest commissions of any program in the World.

Join with us today, and secure yourself a superb guaranteed income of up to $100,000 per year - from the undisputed World's #1 home-based business program!

P.S. Start in business is in no way associated with this opportunity other than advertising it.


Powerful A.T. Benefits Include:

•Guaranteed income from $15,000 to $100,000 p.a .

•No stockholding, inventory or shipping involved.

•No personal contact or selling required.

•No time consuming meetings or seminars to attend.

•No previous business or Internet experience needed.

•No mailings, envelopes, printing or postage costs.

•No staff to employ or office space required.

•No interference with your present employment.

•Work when you want! Be your own boss!

•No cash-flow problems or bad debts-ever.

•Virtually ZERO running costs.

•No payments to handle, or paperwork to complete.

•Not Networking or Multi-Level-Marketing.

•Earn $500 (£333) to $11,250 (£7,500) per package sold.

•Earn up to $96,000 p.a. from banner-space rentals.

•Payments made to you directly every month.

•Benefit from Multiple Income Streams.

•Benefit from 2 potent perpetual income streams.

•Earn a Passive Income from the AT global Profit Pool.

•Make money 24/7 - even while you sleep.

•Work required only 10-15 hours each week.

•Full toll-free Global Back-up & Support available.

•Your own online statistics, hits & commissions site.

•Unlimited access to the AT Power Marketing Website.

•Your own prestigious Armchair Tycoon e-mail address.

•Your own ready-to-go Auto-Responder.

•We follow up and send a prospectus to all your leads.

•Fax-on-demand and voice presentations available.

•Packages start from just US $1,995 (UK£3,330).

•Regular Grand Prize Draws with prestigious prizes.


This is your once-in-a-lifetime RISK-FREE opportunity to generate a GUARANTEED INCOME from the biggest, best and most potentially lucrative Home-Based Business Program ever to be launched!


Lines open 9am-5pm EST & GMT. Outside office hours, please be sure to clearly state your name, full postal address, ZIP code and your referrers USER-NAME.


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