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Key Facts

[Ref: GB113]

Business For Sale : Supply and Installation of Window Controls
Location : Tyneside, United Kingdom - UK
Leasehold | Asking Price: £195,000

Contact: Turner Butler

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Asking price includes

Turnover 2008 circa £169,000
Adjusted net profits circa £77,000

Specialist supplier
Market leader
Work in progress
Well established (1999)
UK Granted Patent
Large database of regular, repeat clients
First class name and reputation
Quality supply chain with healthy end margins
Huge growth opportunity

Business profile

This business was established over ten years ago and has established itself as reliable and trustworthy supplier and installer of manual and electrical window controls primarily working with large window contractors and architects, electrical and building contractors and also members of the public.

The window controls are generally used in schools, hospitals and public buildings and are the perfect solution for windows with difficult access. They can be manually opened with a remote control or can be opened by temperature change, smoke, wind or by rain triggered by an automatic sensor which is sensitive to climatic changes.

The company is the North East appointed regional approved supplier for the worlds leading supplier of window controls and all installation staff are thoroughly trained to fit both the manual and motorised units. Whilst the company supplies and installs the units the electrical work is carried out on site by the contractors own electricians. If necessary as an exception, the company can provide a sub contract electrician.

The company was granted a UK patent in 2003; GB2397615 for a remote rod controlled cone mechanism lever lock which enables people who cannot reach their windows easily to open and close the window. The product is named “Easy Vent” and has been used in sheltered housing for the over 60’s and provides an economic alternative. All tooling has been paid for and set up with the manufacturer with excellent prospects to market and grow the sales immediately.

The business is well established with a good database of clients. It is profitable, easy to run and has huge potential. The owner suggests that considerable growth has taken place in the past years trading and this will be reflected in the years turnover and profit.

Customer Service

The business has a growing base of satisfied clients who appreciate prompt, friendly and knowledgeable service, reliability and competitive pricing.

The company does not compromise on the quality of product that they supply. There is no doubt that this has encouraged and sustained client confidence and loyalty. The business offers high quality customer care with a speedy and reliable delivery proposition

Key Strengths

The business has been developed in such a way so that it can cater for the most demanding of clients. The experience that has been gained over the years gives the company the flexibility to carry out even the most difficult of tasks.

The company has a complete customer satisfaction mentality. This runs throughout the workforce and helps to make the job successful. The business is well established with an excellent reputation and name. Expert advice and solutions are offered to their clients helping them to make the right decision on choosing the ideal window control

The company has grown steadily over the past 10 years and are now providing services to some of the best known and largest window contractors in the country. Business in the past year has grown significantly and the forecast for the future looks bright

The business is well run with good cash flow and little bad debt. They have an expertise and knowledge second to none in all forms of window controls. There is excellent scope for growth within the company.

Key Opportunities

This is an outstanding opportunity to build on the existing services and customer base of this business. With the Government Project, (PFI) Private Finance Initiative to rebuild and refurbish schools over the next five years the business has an excellent platform to grow from. There are also new smoke regulations in place which state that new or refurbished buildings must include smoke ventilation systems with automatic vents. These are strict government guidelines which can only help prosper the company over the coming years.

With the emphasis on the company building up its manual and automatic window controls, the patent for the “Easy Vent” invention has not been utilised. There is a definite gap in the market for this remote controlled rod cone mechanism and with all the tooling paid for and set up in the factory there is a real opportunity for someone to take the product to market. This could be sold through DIY and hardware stores with no international barriers. Each rod costs circa £6.00 to produce and the rod has been sold at £29.95 in small quantities up to now.

Growth and Expansion

The company has grown steadily over the years and the owners believe that there are excellent opportunities to take the business forward over the coming years.

This is a small but well run company who regularly punches above its weight. It does however need financial backing to take it forward to a new level. There are significant opportunities for growth which the company is unable to fund at present. They don’t over trade and don’t take projects on which are too big for them to handle, unfortunately having to turn away some good contracts. They factor circa 90% their invoices to help their cash flow.

With new owners adding fresh ideas, enthusiasm and investment this company will flourish.


The business runs from a small rented industrial unit on Tyneside which is circa 800 sq.ft.
It has a workshop, loading bay with roller shutter doors, wc and parking for circa four vehicles. There is a rolling one month lease with rent payable of circa £7,500 per annum and rates of circa £1,000 per annum. The business is relocatable within the North East where the bulk of the work is secured.


The owners look after the daily running and administration of the business. There are six sub contractors who fit and install the units. All of them are fully trained for installing, driving fork lift trucks and working with scissor lifts.

Financial profile

The business is being offered for sale on a going concern basis, all financial discussions will take place directly between the vendor and all interested parties under the auspices of Turner Butler.

The turnover is circa £169,000 per annum with Gross Profits of circa £77,000.

Support and Training

The owner would be happy to help out with a smooth transition of the business and help in anyway possible. He is prepared to help for a period of time to introduce the new owner to all of the major connections that the company deal with on a regular basis.

Reason for Sale

The owner has been working tirelessly to build the business up for the past 10 years. He has now reached retirement age and would like to take life a little easier. He believes this would be a perfect time for someone to take the company forward onto the next level.


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