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 List of All Lists in the Commercial Properties Directory at 'High Tide'

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Common Types of Commercial Land, Properties & Premises For Sale, Hire or Lease Sought

Type UCO Type UCO
Shops, Stalls & Petrol Stations A1   Food & Drink A3
Offices & Business
Serviced Offices
A2/B1 Industrial / Special Industrial B2 / B*
Residential Institutions - see BFS C2 Storage & Distribution B8
Hotels & Hostels - see BFS C1 Dwellings / Private Residences C3
Non-residential Institutions D1   Investment properties  
Miscellaneous Properties & land     Campsites  
Venues & Creative Space (for short-term hire) e.g recording, rehearsal studios
Estates, Centres, Tracts and Property Portfolios
East Anglia   North East England
London, UK North West England
South East England   English East Midlands
South West England   English West Midlands
Ireland : N.I. / Eire   Yorkshire, England
Wales Scotland
USASpainHolland   Abroad / World

All categories of property offered :

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