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Collegiate Underwriting
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Your business, your client, your reputation

As people are now more willing to turn to the law when dissatisfied with service, our work environment has become increasingly litigious.

Professional Indemnity (PI) provides protection against liability claims arising from a professional conduct, neglect, error or omission in services you may provide that can result in financial loss and expensive defence costs.

Do I need PI Insurance?

All Professionals have a need for Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you are selling your knowledge or skills to clients then you could be liable for an expensive claim if your service turns out to be negligent, or if you have made a mistake.

Historically traditional professions such Architects, Accountants and Solicitors, have taken out PI Insurance. . More recently there has been an emergence of consultants across a range of professional services taking out PI Cover including; Landscape Gardeners, Feng Shui Consultants, Interior Designers, Energy Consultants, Tree Surgeons and Private Investigators to name but a few.

Typical PI Claims

  • Lack of clarity about commission fees
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision for sub-consultants/contractors
  • Employee dishonesty
  • A Consultant not fully understanding their client's organisation and advising on unsuitable measures
  • Missing a client's deadline for completion of work
  • Failure to put forward realistic, accurate or complete cost estimates
  • Delay and disruption to contract schedules caused by negligent delays in meeting agreed deadline dates

Why choose Collegiate?

At Collegiate we have been providing Professional Indemnity to a range of professions for over 21 years - as such our policy has been specifically designed to protect the unique relationship you as a professional adviser have with your client.

You should be aware of exactly what is included and excluded under your policy. If a client decides not to pay you for your services because they are not happy with your work we will protect your financial interests (not all policies will do this):

Within our mitigation of loss cover, to avoid a larger valid claim being made under the policy where a project has gone wrong:

  • We will pay fees due to you where your client refuses to pay
  • We will pay the sub contractors you are committed to paying

In addition to this our plain English policy wording includes cover for the following, which you will not find under a standard policy:

  • Fidelity - we cover you for your own losses arising from the dishonesty of your employees or contractors
  • Loss of documents - we cover the rectification costs of lost or damaged documents or data of a professional nature
  • Intellectual Property - we cover you for infringing others' rights including copyright, music rights, trademark, infringement of title, broadcasting, cable or satellite rights, moral rights or an act of passing off.

Claims Service

PI is very different from other insurances because a professional's reputation and balance sheet can hinge on the defence of a claim against him. The market norm, where a claim is made against a professional, is for the professional to notify his broker, who then notifies the insurer. The insurer may then appoint outside solicitors to consider the professionals defence of a claim, the solicitors then proceed to defend the professional on behalf of the insurer.

At Collegiate we do things rather differently. In the first instance, the notification of the claim is made direct to us. Our in-house claims team will then take over the claim and offer you considerable expertise right from the start.

Know your limits

Limit of indemnity

At Collegiate we offer cover from £50,000 to £5,000,000 on an any one claim basis, in other words there is no restriction on the number of claims you can make in a year but each claim will be covered up to your chosen limit of indemnity.


The excess is the first part of any claim to be paid for by the professional

Defence Costs

A PI policy not only covers a professional against an award of damages by a court but it also covers the legal costs of the professional's defence of the action (whether successful or not).

Defence Costs do not usually apply to your excess, or limit of indemnity - this means whichever limit you select you can be sure that it won't be eaten up by expensive defence costs.

How do I get a Quote?

To receive a quotation from Collegiate visit our website at and download a proposal form suitable to your profession. Alternatively

call 020 7459 3470

to discuss your PI needs.

To discuss further contact us via email: Send a Message to this Advertiser

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