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Trade Mark Registrations, Searches & Advice.
Handsome IP Ltd
UK and Abroad, All AreasHandsome IP

Tel: Call us now : 0845 643 57 99
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Protect your Innovations

Whether your innovations are designs, trade marks, inventions, drawings, photographs, paintings, art works, sculpture, writing, computer programs, etc. you will have spent considerable time and energy in creating them. This may be as a result of research & development. You don't want someone else to have the benefit of your creations for nothing.

To stop this from happening you need to protect them.

We provide advice and services relating to all aspects of intellectual property (I.P.).

I.P. is the name for all of the innovations and creations mentioned above.

We deal with clients all over the UK and internationally.

We have experienced and qualified personnel who know how to help you get protection.

Some protection is automatic and free! We can advise you about this.

Remember, if it's worth copying then it's worth protecting.

Our prices are some of the most competitive you will find anywhere.

For an initial no-charge consultation please contact us:

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Call us now : 0845 643 57 99

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[Advert Ref: SERVICES1494]


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