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Manufacturers & Printers of Branded Corporate Umbrellas
United Kingdom - UK

Tel: 0870 850 8197
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Specialists in the manufacture and printing of branded corporate umbrellas

Here at Company Promotions we specialise in the manufacturing and printing of branded corporate umbrellas to supply to all sorts of organisations. We supply top quality products to fit all kinds of budgets.

"you can give away high-quality, practical, gifts at a low cost"

Our range covers all price points from budget golf umbrellas to top of the range fibreglass frames and stormproof umbrellas. With minimum quantities from 25 units you can give away a high quality, practical, gift at a low cost.

If you are looking for top quality umbrellas and parasols at competitive prices then we have the solution for you. We carry huge stocks of ready made up promotional umbrellas for overprinting to meet those short deadlines.



"we have factories in China with capacity to meet any demand with the benefit of Far East pricing"

We also have a manufacturing and print facility in the UK for bespoke product and, should time allow, we have factories in China with capacity to meet any demand with the benefit of Far East pricing.

We pride ourselves on product innovation and design. Let our in-house Artwork team help you create the product that's right for you.

The ideal business gift is one that will be kept and used on a regular basis. This way your company logo is visible over a prolonged period. The best way to achieve this is to give potential and current customers a branded umbrella. With a high perceived value, printed umbrellas are the ideal business gift.

Whether you are looking for golf umbrellas for a specific golf event or umbrellas to give away at a conference or show, we have the umbrella that is right for your event. The right logo on the right umbrella will mean the attendees remember both the event and the company.

The choice of business gift is an important decision and is all about striking a balance between the visibility of your logo, the impression you give to your potential customer and the cost.

Simply put, the umbrella is the best business gift for exposure of your logo or company name, and is a gift that your customer can't fail to be impressed with. With our in-house manufacturing we are able to keep costs to a minimum making a promotional umbrella the perfect gift for your event.

Why Choose Us?

We can offer you a massive range of umbrellas from golf umbrellas to walking umbrellas to telescopic umbrellas. We can print any logo and will advise you on the most effective way to print your logo from the methods available. Unlike many suppliers we use all printing methods, so you will always get the best results, and a true representation of your logo.

"we are the manufacturer so we offer you better prices"

Importantly we are the manufacturer so we offer you better prices. 99% of umbrella suppliers are promotions companies that will just be acting as middle men for a manufacturer and are therefore offering you inflated prices.

Buying directly from the manufacturer means we not only offer you great prices but you will also benefit first hand from our expertise on all models and printing methods.

With complete in house manufacturing, screen-printing and direct importing from the Far East we pride ourselves on being able to deliver what you want when you want it and at a competitive price!

Please look at what is available:

  • Screen-printing in up to 8 colours
  • In-house Sublimation printing available
  • Hoyland Fox frames
  • Quality imported umbrellas (minimum quantity 250)
  • Choice of frame colours
  • Golf Styles (Ladies and Gents sizes)
  • Gents and Ladies styles
  • Wide range if stock panel colours aswell as pantone matched panels available
  • Garden parasols
  • A huge choice of natural wood, hard wood and injection moulded handles
  • In house screen-printing
  • In house manufacture
  • 25 Years of experience

How to Order Promotional Umbrellas

Please have a look at our website to see the range available by clicking on the link above, and do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. One of our expert team will be able to help you with all aspects of your enquiry.

We can email an official quotation within a few hours. All our prices are inclusive of carriage, set up and printing costs.

There are no hidden extras.

Tel: 0870 850 8197


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[Advert Ref: SERVICES1439]


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