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 Free ways to make money from your web site and the Internet
How to do it.

Ways to make money on the Internet.

First, you need some 'tools'.

If you intend to earn money on the Internet you will be spending some time on-line. It will pay you to keep your overheads down. Go here for info on Free ISPs in the USA and UK unlimited phone connection for only £9.99 per month with no ties. If you log on to the Internet in the UK for more than about 150 minutes a week then it will pay you to sign up for an unlimited connection where your local phone call costs are included.

Get another credit card for internet use only and keep the limit low. Using plastic online is in fact safer than using it in a restaurant but it helps to keep your online finances separate, so check with your existing card supplier for a second account or go to .

Generally, the Internet trades in US dollars wherever you are in the world and payment through an online service is a more economic way of exchanging dollars to your local currency than paying in a cheque to your bank. Many affiliate programs require you to have an online account from one of the major services so it is prudent to join all three. You can also pay on line for services like web site hosting and purchases at auctions for instance. They are free to join.
PayPal, one of the biggest. You will need to give credit card details - see above.
is another popular payment service.
Stormpay has a big advantage over the other payment services - a Mastercard that you can use to withdraw funds from your account at any 'hole in the wall' ATM machine, anywhere! Now that is what I call International Banking!

Get a free email address from Zwallet to use while earning and keep your main address for private use. Zwallet is a bit slow but you don't get spam like a Hotmail account. They have recently increased your space to 50Mb from 2Mb but it still pays to keep your Inbox tidy. Good housekeeping! Make a folder called, say, 'Keep', and put in there all emails with your sign-up details for programs you have joined. It will be easier for you to keep your Inbox clear and avoid deleting important information by mistake.

Gomez Peer Community pays you to let them use spare capacity on your computer when you are online. It is totally transparent and works away in the background. They are looking for new members specifically in the UK, Canada, Belgium, Brazil and other places. It earns me over $5 a month, paid straight into Paypal, which covers the hosting of a web site (paid by Paypal) that earns $200+ per month. Six other web sites earn more or less the same and new sites are under construction. You get the picture? I use Easily to buy my domain names and Cirtex to host them, both companies give excellent service and support.

Second, get earning some dollars to prove you can.

Trickle income like this builds up a bank balance and gives you confidence.

Real-Cashs is a typical PTS (paid to search) program and pays out at $2. Make legitimate searches (here's how) by waiting till the paying search page has fully loaded and you will be recognised as an honest 'searcher' and get lots of paid searches each day. Waiting for three pages to load will take longer than the 30 to 40 seconds allowed before you are credited, but you must wait till the page is 'Done' or the advertiser won't get paid and you won't get searches in the future. I have been paid twice already within hours of requesting payment.

So Red The Rose is typical of a PTS, PTC (paid to click) and PTR (paid to read) program but, unlike some, has a low payout threshold of $2. This amount can be quickly reached by joining other programs from the Paid2Signup section, searching on links in Your Inbox and clicking on banners in the Paid2Click area. This site is one of a growing number run by a webmistress and she pays very promptly. Here is a tutorial on how to search.

ItPaysToLearn is fun. Apart from earning from 'V-mail' by visiting sites and taking up offers, you have to get enough points each month answering quiz questions to get paid. I enjoy using this program and this is another program that really does pay. Sadly, some don't.

Dig For Gold makes me smile and does pay out. You 'dig' for gold flakes (paid into E-Gold) and pick up tools to rescue yourself from the dangers of mining. You also earn advertising space for your own promotions. A light-hearted way to earn a few bucks.

You WILL get paid with these programs. Join up, put an icon on your desktop by dragging on a links page for each program and visit the sites at intervals through the day and earn a bit each time. It soon adds up. Observe how quickly visitor counters tick over - dozens a minute from all over the world. The Internet really is amazing.

1. Right click on the log-in page for each program and save a shortcut link to your desktop - much easier to remember your daily earning sites by double clicking on the icons.
2. Write the address and log-in details for each site in the back of your diary. It is easy to forget your user name and password and you can continue to earn money on another pc when away from home.
3. Get into the habit of regular visits. Most sites will cancel your account if you don't make use of it and any money earned will be lost
4. Contact me if you need help or advice.

Third, make a web site of your own and get advertisers on it.

The final group of earning programs can be placed on your own web site.
First you need a website with content interesting enough to attract visitors.
Think of a subject that you know a lot about - you, your family, your job, your hobby - whatever it is, focus on it and provide detailed information; facts, figures. Try to make your web site the definitive source of information on your chosen subject.

With a web site designed you need a domain name and a hosting service. It is like an address to the house where your web site lives.

Once you have a web site with solid content you have a 'product' to sell. Many of the top programs will not accept you as an affiliate unless you have a web site of substance.

A convenient place to start is . where you can join up for free to any of dozens of schemes under one 'roof' . All affiliate schemes have a minimum payout limit of around $50 so grouping schemes together as with . [aimed at European web sites] and Commission Junction [aimed at North America but covering the world] means that you can get a cheque earlier.

Lots of companies would love you to join them as an affiliate and will pay you a commission when your visitors buy some of their products. It makes sense to join up with companies compatible with your site. Amazon sell a lot more than just books now and pay 5% to 7.5% commission by targeting specific books with a link from your site.

Bravenet has a lot of free goodies to add to your web site to attract more visitors and can help in setting up and hosting a web site. They also offer 50mb of free space on their servers to store your password protected back-up files and sensitive data.

Slide In or Glide In ads are the latest medium and build income fast from your web site. I use GlideNetwork. The small ad windows load onto your page for 15 seconds and then automatically disappear. Rates vary from $0.20 to $5.00 CPC or CPM with a low payout limit of $5.00 to Paypal or Stormpay.
Pop-up windows are better selling tools than banners and will pay you $3 to $4/1000 impressions depending on whether the popup is in front, behind or on exit or all three for $11/1000, the choice is yours. This is the best you will get on the net and they pay monthly without fail. Popup killer browsers will reduce your income but a busy site will still earn more than the $25 minimum for a cheque to be sent each month.
Banner advertisements, love 'em or hate 'em, are part of the Net. Place these standard sized 468x60 pixel banners from SayByeBye on your page and earn 20c to 50c/1000 impressions depending on attached popups. Note that these are impressions or CPM rates, your visitor just has to see them, they do not have to click on the ads or buy anything. That is why the rates are lower than ' pay per click ' banners.

Finally, the star newcomer is Google Adsense. They pay for clicks and pay very well and cleverly match their ads to the content of your page. They are choosey about the sites that can join and demand a reasonable standard of content.

Remember, these are all free to join; you have no outgoings other than your normal internet connection which you have anyway. To be perfectly frank, the only downside to these deals is that it takes up your time to organise the links, and your browser and/or web site will run a bit slower while advertising banners load.

The Internet is fast changing - please let us know if a good deal comes along or if you find a crooked deal; contact us and we will check it out and give it an unbiased opinion.

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last modified: 10th. October 2004