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Shopping around for a better way to run your retail business?

You've found it. Introducing MYOB RetailBasics.

Whether you're already running a retail business, or you are about to get started, processing sales is a fundamental part of running your store. Whilst a cash register can do the job, it has its limitations.

MYOB RetailBasics can turn your standard Windows based PC - like the one you may be using at home or in a back office - into something with a lot more functionality than a cash register.

Mind Your Own Retail Business. Smarter.

MYOB RetailBasics

  • Process sales quickly
  • Maintain a stock database
  • Analyse your sales, customers & VAT collected
  • Works with your ePOS peripherals
  • Integrates with MYOB Accounting & MYOB Accounting Plus
  • Includes 45 days FREE introductory support

MYOB RetailBasics will take the guess work out of running your retail business and will provide you with the facts - such as accurate information about the performance of your business.

So at anytime you can analyse:

  • What stock items & services are selling
  • When & how much is being sold
  • Which staff member is selling what & how much
  • Historical transaction information

With this information at your fingertips, you'll be able to make more informed decisions about how your business is traveling, where you would like it to go and what you need to do to reach your goals.

Try it for FREE

To obtain a free trial or to purchase MYOB RetailBasics,

or call 0845 130 3975

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