10 Habits of Smart People

10 Habits of Smart People

Before exploring the personality traits of smart and successful people, let us do a small exercise. It won’t take more than a few seconds, and the benefits are worth your while. Are you ready? Great! Here we go.

First, think about your office, your favourite social network, and a club or sports team you are a part of. Actually, you can think about any place that you frequent regularly and that attracts people with very different personality traits. Done? Good.

Now think about all those dumb folks you meet in these places. Ask yourself why you feel that they are dumb. Is there anything particular about these people that give the impression that they are not smart enough? Do they always do or say stupid things? If you think about this, you will find that there is a similarity in their key behaviours. Yes, all dumb people have very similar personality traits.

The same is true in the case of intelligent people. Why do you feel that some people are intelligent? Just like dumb people, intelligent people also possess several common shared behaviours. What are they? Let us take a closer look at some of these shared behaviours.

1) They Are Aware of Their Limitations

Smart people understand that they do not know everything. They are aware of their limitations and they are fine with it. They are eager to learn more because they want to grow. This mindset makes them open to the world outside. They regard every interaction and every conversation as an opportunity to learn something.

2) They Are Knowledgeable in More Than One Topic 

Some people are masters of their trade. They can talk about their specialization for hours on end; however, this does not necessarily make them smart or intelligent. Smart people are interested in all popular topics and things and they make a sincere effort to educate themselves with different subjects.

3) They Understand the Value of Time

Smart people know what they want to achieve. They don’t let distractions take their focus off their goals. They are single-minded and pursue their goals with steadfast determination.

4) They Argue With Themselves

Smart people understand that their little brains are going to make mistakes from time to time. They don’t want this to happen, so they double check everything. As a result, they make fewer mistakes.

5) They Are Not Dogmatic

It is possible to reason with a smart person. They understand that their views and opinions can be wrong. They know there are many paths to the same destination and many sides to an argument. They don’t believe in their infallibility. So they are open to suggestions. If you believe that you can never go wrong, you are limiting yourself.

6) They Make Smart Decisions

All actions have their consequences. Smart people make a conscious effort to make the right decisions. They do not act irrationally. They think twice before committing themselves to something. They are focused and never lose sight of their goals.

7) They Learn from Their Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Smart people are no different. However, they always learn something from their mistakes. They don’t brood over their failures. They regard mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. When they fail at something, they try to find out what could have gone wrong.

8) They Hang Around Smart People

People who surround themselves with successful people are also likely to be successful. Since smart people are more likely to spend time with other people who are just as smart as them, their conversations and experiences will contribute to their growth. You’re the product of your surroundings, so hang out with the right people.

9) They Are Resourceful

If we have a huge neocortex, that is because we are supposed to think and act intelligently. Intelligence makes us more adaptable and enables us to use our surroundings in resourceful ways. When smart people find themselves in a mess, they explore all possible ways to get out. And because of their resourceful nature, they don’t give up easily.

10) They Live Within Their Means

There is no harm in stretching yourself a bit occasionally. But if you make it a habit, you will soon find yourself in deep trouble. Smart people do not live beyond their means. If there are things they do not want to lose, then they will not squander them by living beyond their means.