In the 21st Century, no business can grow to a national level without the use of social media. There are 45 million social media users in the U.K., that is 67% of the country, and from this are 39 million are mobile social users.

Social Media Audience
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Social media is the perfect way to engage with your target demographic, in a way that is creative and, most often, successful when you know which fits best for your business.

While you likely know about the top social media sites, you may not fully grasp which social media fits best for your business or what features on each social media site are the most beneficial to use in your marketing. 

Here, we give a brief rundown of the top five social media sites for effective online advertising, and the ways that you can use them to work for you.


Perhaps the longest-running and most successful social media site, Facebook has been partly responsible for the growth of thousands of businesses globally. 


  • A recent study revealed that 2.1 billion people use Facebook each month. 74% of Facebook users are classed as ‘high-income earners’.
  • 71% are adults (aged 13+)
  • 52% identify as women and 48% women, which makes it an incredibly

Facebook is a useful place to market non-essential products and services.

Facebook Stats

‘Facebook offers a wide range of advertising options’. 

Videos include pre and mid-roll advertisements. Displayed at the side of the page on the desktop view, and Facebook’s ‘carousel’ advertisements, 

which allow you to feature multiple photographs of your product or service are a new and unique way to showcase your business. 

To see how effective Facebook advertising can be, we need only to look at the growth of shopping sites like Wish, whose brand name is synonymous with their eye-catching advertisements.

Facebook also holds perhaps the most extensive scope of user information, which may make it the most effective platform for targeting individual users with relevant ads. Meaning your ads are more likely to reach your intended target demographic.

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In less than ten years since the photo-sharing network launched, Instagram has built up a massive base of users – with 1 billion active users each month. 


  • Average 18 to 24 demographic
  • Daily users 500 million +
  • Instagram Stories daily active users 500 million +
  • Businesses on Instagram 25 million +
  • 72% of teens use Instagram

making it a useful place to advertise to a younger demographic, especially the 18 to 24 demographic, as the group with the highest expendable income.

While you can place advertisements on the Instagram timeline, in between posts from followed accounts, the most effective way of advertising is arguably through their stories feature. 

Ads are placed between user stories, and auto-play as users’ finish viewing one users’ story, and skip through to another. 

This allows users to swipe up after the advert to follow affiliate links relevant to your business, and surveys reveal that are 60% of millennial Instagram users watch Instagram stories each day—allowing businesses to reach millions of daily users through advertising.

Instagram is often seen as the home of the ‘influencer’, and 56.3% of Instagram users overall are female, making it an ideal home for advertisements for beauty, make-up and fashion businesses.

Instagram Growth


Twitter, like Facebook, has a wide range of users from different backgrounds, age groups and levels of income, boasting an impressive 166 million monetizable daily users, which makes it an excellent platform to advertise your business.


  • Monthly active users 330 million
  • Tweets sent daily 500 million 
  • 80% use twitter on mobiles
  • 66% are male and 34% female
  • 34% of users are aged 18 – 24 and 28% are aged 30 – 49
  • 13.7 million UK users

Twitter allows brands and individual users to promote tweets from their account, which places the tweet onto the timeline of multiple users, who may not follow the account but fit their target demographic. 

Twitter has also included the use of pre-roll advertisements on video content posted to the network. Which means any user who wishes to watch a particular video will also view the promoted ad first.

Twitter also experienced a 23% increase in user engagement with ads last year. Still, cost per engagement is down 12%, which makes it an appealing option for any business wishing to place advertisements that cost less but always reach a broad audience. 

Their video advertising, while relatively new to the platform, is also becoming an effective method of advertising – it’s thought that Twitter users watch a combined 2 billion videos on the site each day.


YouTube is a highly effective way to advertise to a target demographic, especially as they place advertisements on content relevant to the viewers of a particular channel or type of content. 


  • 2 billion monthly users
  • 30 million daily users
  • Number of videos watched daily 5 billion
  • Mobile youtube users 1 billion+
  • 62% of businesses use youtube
  • 62% of YouTube users are males
  • 51% of users are on youtube daily

YouTube creators also have control over how many advertisements appear before, during and after their video, which means there are often multiple promotional spots open for advertising per video.

Around 500 hours of content are posted to YouTube each minute, and YouTube videos are viewed 5 billion times each day! 

So there is massive potential for businesses hoping to reach a much wider audience through online advertising.

It is the second most popular social media behind Facebook.

Youtube Second Largest Social Media
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Many companies now also sponsor individual YouTube creators, who promote the business, service or product to their viewers within the videos themselves. 

With YouTube’s top ten creators holding over 1 billion subscribers between them, the potential to succeed in promoting your business through sponsoring a creator could be limitless.


TikTok is a relatively new social media, designed exclusively for use through smartphones and some tablets. 

It has had impressive growth in a short time. In fact, in 2019 alone, TikTok’s American user base grew a vast 97.5% compared to the year before.


  • 800 million monthly active users
  • 1,65 billion TikTok downloads
  • 41% are aged 18 – 24
  • 1 billion daily video views
  • Users spend on average 52 minutes daily
  • 8.7% of users are from the U.K

TikTok advertisements are placed within the users’ home screen, in between recommended or followed content, and is targeted according to each users’ apparent individual interests, which are based on the content that they interact with regularly.

Despite not currently having an equivalent app for desktop or browser use TikTok’s users still fall under a wide and varied group of demographics. 

While users are predominantly younger, 41% aged between 16 and 24, it’s thought that a quarter of all registered users in the U.S. are aged between 45 and 64.

As of December 2019, 8.7 percent of the U.K.’s smartphone population was using TikTok.

TikTok U.K Stats
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A study has also found that the average TikTok user spends around 52 minutes each day on the app, meaning that users are exposed to multiple relevant advertisements per day.

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