Little-Known Yet Useful Google Tools

Little-Known Yet Useful Google Tools

For some of us, Google is nothing more than an Internet search engine. It is true that Google is the undisputed leader in the search business. But the company has moved past the search market.

In fact, Google now offers a lot of services that most of us have not even heard about. And at least some of them are useful to us. Here is a quick overview of relatively less known yet useful Google products and services.


Google Trends allows you to see searches that have been popular on Google both historically and now.

google trends

This is a feature-packed website that gives a quick overview of trending topics. Also, with the help of the forecast checkbox, you can anticipate whether the public interest in a particular subject will increase.


Google Cloud Platform allows you to host websites, build applications, analyse data and do much more.

It is a bit like Amazon Cloud Services. It allows businesses to focus on developing their products without having to worry about the backend layer.

google cloud platform

Google cloud services are used by companies such as Snapchat, Best Buy, Sony Music, and Coca-Cola. There is a 60-day free trial. If you keep your account active after the trial period, you will be billed.


This is a payment solution which allows you to pay online as well as in stores. It works with both credit and debit cards.

Google Wallet is so mobile that you can make payments even when you are waiting in line.


Google is one of the best employers in the world. If you are interested in finding employment at Google, this is the tool you need.

Maybe you are tired of your entrepreneurial life and want a stable source of income. Using the information in your Google profile, you can find jobs that are relevant to you.


This tool allows you to find out how your advertising campaigns compare with industry averages.

It will give you a better understanding of how various ad formats and sizes perform.


Google Bookmarks allows you to save shortcuts to webpages. Bookmarks are a great way to keep track of links you may need later.


Google Keep is a simple tool which allows you to jot down your ideas. It has a simple, yet beautiful interface.

It is a great tool for creating to-do lists or sharing notes with a collaborator. It is possible to turn notes into the location or date-activated reminders.