One of the most beneficial ways to market your businesses is through blogging. 

There is a saying in the SEO world that “Content is King” and there is no truer saying or more effective way to better rank your product or services on the search engines and bring in more clients.

Blogging, when done correctly, can bring in a vast number of potential clients looking for your product or service, and it is the best way to build ‘natural’ links to your website.

Just like anything else worth doing it takes knowledge and practice, to write compelling blog posts you need to know how to do it correctly and how to do it so the search engines will rank the post. 

I suggest reading the article “How to Write a Killer SEO Optimised Blog Post’ first before reading the rest of this article.

There Are Two Vital Ingredients to add to your post once you have completed it according to the previous article.

They are: Images and Videos

As stated, earlier ‘content is king’ and the more rich informative content you create, the better ranking you are likely to gain with search engines and better reader engagement with your product or services.

Add Images to Your Blog Post:

You want to make sure the photos are ‘unique’ do not just steal one from google, that would be a great way of getting yourself de-ranked due to copyright issues.

I would recommend at least one image per 500 words on your post, so if you do a blog post with 1200 words, then you want to make sure you have at least two images, of course, you can add more if the article needs them.

What Type of Images:

The best way is to take your photos and add them to the blog, everyone now days has a smartphone and modern smartphones come with fantastic cameras allowing you to take some great product pictures. You know they will be unique and best of all search engines will love you for it!

Let us say you have a custom cushion business and you write a post on ‘what colour cushions go with dark brown sofas’, and you want to target the article to your products. You want to use cushions and place them on a dark brown sofa and snap some pictures for the post.

Once you are happy with your shots don’t just add them to the post, do some simple editing as follows:

  1. Make them smaller. The number of times I have audited people’s websites and seen images sized as much as 5MB is just ridiculous. People wonder why their sites are slow! I recommend no more than 1000 pixels in width if it is for the featured image and no more than 800 pixels for pictures on the post. You do not need an expensive and challenging tool to use like photoshop; you can easily do this free on your phone, mac or windows using paint.
  2. Compress the data – Again, after you have made them smaller in size compress the data, so your post image data is minimised. You won’t lose much of the quality if you do this right, and you can use a free online image compressor like
  3. Jpg or Jpeg2000 – Use either Jpg or Jpeg2000, google insight tool recommends jpeg2000, but if you have made the size and data smaller Jpeg will be fine. Do not use PNG as they generally take more data. We are looking to make sure the post loads fast.

Once you have done this, it is time to add it to the post, the size of the data should be around 50kb; ideally, you do not want to go above 100kb.

Finding Images Elsewhere:

If you are a serviced based business or are blogging about something different, then your products and cannot get appropriate pictures from your phone. Then the next best thing is to use a paid-for service like Shutterstock or adobe images; you can pay per image or buy a package which gives you several photos to use per month.

Free Images:

If you rather not pay you can use some free stock images from Flickr or Pxbay, take note though many people would have used these images and you will not be unique. 

Another way is to type something in google appropriate to what you are looking for then click on images and then click ‘tools’ and then click ‘labelled for reuse’ or ‘labelled for reuse with modification’.

Find Free Images For Ranking Your Blog Post

Make sure that you are using the images appropriately and is relevant to whatever you are stating in the post; this gives the reader reference on the image and makes the post more engaging.

Add Videos to Your Blog Post

Videos are probably the best way to get engagement, studies have shown that video marketing on Facebook yields a much higher “ROI” than just images alone and to rank a blog post it is probably one of the best things to add!

As you are probably aware by now, Google owns YouTube, so what better way than to create a short video on the platform and add it to your post.

Not only will you have the opportunity to rank your blog post but to rank the video also. Google shows videos on the SERPs, so you want to make sure the videos have the right keywords in the title and the correct tags, more on this below:

How to Upload a Video on YouTube?

First of all, unless you have a dedicated server, you don’t want to add videos directly to your webpage or blog post!

You want to use a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo which are FREE to use, once you have added a video you then embed it to your blog.

Adding a Video From YouTube to Your Blog

You can easily create short videos using your smartphone, create how-to videos, product videos or a brief description of your services.

Create an engaging title, add a keyword in the video that you want to rank. Add a description to the video and throw in a keyword or two.

Add some tags to the video related to the content to help rank it on YouTube.

Once you have uploaded a video (appropriate to your post!) you then want to go to the video and click on share, then click “embed” finally you will see a code to embed the video to your page, copy the code and add it to your post in the Html. 

Share button on YouTube
Embed Button For Blog Post

Website platforms like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress make it easy to add the code. You want to work out how to do that.

HTML code For Embed On Blog

What If I Do Not Have a Video

The alternative is you can find a video already created by someone else on YouTube that fits your post. You will be doing a favour to the video creator as well as yourself. Note – depending on the type of blog post you create and the video content, the reader, may buy the service from the video creator!


There you have it two significant ways in making your blog post rich with content and more engaging for your readers and finally to get your blog post ranking better on search engines.


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