Top 10 B2B Sales Strategy Tips To Get Manage A Productive Remote Team

Top 10 B2B Sales Strategy Tips To Get Manage A Productive Remote Team

The core factor for measuring the productivity/success of a company is the sales volume. Most companies have a dedicated team to generate sales and it is not located at the same place as the head office.

For most brands, having a remote sales team is quite economical since they do not have to make in-house arrangements.  However, getting the best results is not an easy task. If the correct strategy is not in place, it would be hard to pitch the customers properly and generate revenue.

What Does A Successful Revenue-Generating Strategy Include?

If you manage a remote team well, there would never be a drop in sales volumes. Dealing with distant employees is always a challenge because you cannot walk up to the team and hold a discussion. Hence, different modes are used to make things work.  Let us have a look at some important points.

Clear Instructions About Using A Plagiarism Checker For Unique Sales Content

Producing original content is a backbone for creating a good brand image and using a plagiarism tool is a mandatory factor. Not using a good tool simply means that you would have a doubt in your mind about whether the content is 100% original or not. The other method to check for plagiarism is manual proofreading.


Writers preparing promotional content simply do not have the time to go through this lengthy procedure.

Producing plagiarized content can convince buyers to consider other brands. It is important to understand that people consider brands only after they have complete trust. Copied written material ruins it even before it gets constructed.

Indicate a reliable plagiarism tool to your team

A sales team is obviously responsible for pitching to customers, following up with them, and then entertaining their requirements.

However, what if the sales promotional material is not plagiarism-free? This simply means that your customer base would never be built. Hence, using any plagiarism tool is not wise thinking.

Secondly, if you are managing a remote team, make sure that you have checked the standard of the application before giving instructions to use it. There is no turning back if you select a low caliber option.


There are various free plagiarism checkers that deliver quality. One of the popular options you can get your hands on the authentic plagiarism checker. It is a cost-free option which means that you would not be paying any charges.

Secondly, it is being used by various remote sales teams considering the easy set of options it has.

You can upload content through different options including file uploading (PDF and DOCX) and text pasting. It is time-efficient so you would not have to spend hours on rewriting things.

Looking At How A Plagiarism Checker Works (Examples)

The working process of a plagiarism checker is quite understandable. However, looking examples surely provides more clarity.

Suppose that you have the following product brochure content

“This laptop is exactly what gamers need. It has a robust motherboard and good storage to save gaming files. The 17-inch screen size prevents eye irritations while you enjoy seamless gaming experiences”

Suppose that you have to check whether the above portion of the brochure material is original or not. Upload is using a good plagiarism checker and run through the content. Here is what you would get in terms of results.

Plagiarized content is 0%

Unique Content is 100%

Word Count is 33

Readability is 59/100

Similarly, let us consider the following content piece of an email marketing campaign

“When Desiree Linden won the 2018 Boston Marathon, she became the first American woman to win the race in more than 30 years. To her shoe and apparel sponsor, it was an opportunity to celebrate their long partnership together. The resulting email campaign focuses almost entirely on the Olympic marathoner’s amazing accomplishment”

Plagiarized content is 100%

Unique content is 0%

Word Count is 52

Readability is 31 / 100

In the second example, we can see that the content is completely copied. This means that it has not been paraphrased properly.  Hence, the writer would have to work on it prior to submission.


Regular Status Meetings

When you don’t have your sales team sitting right in front, appropriate measures have to be taken to check progress. One way to enhance productivity is by having regular daily sessions with your team to discuss how things are moving ahead.

Online Marketing Strategy

Quarterly Targets And Virtual Progress Measures

Sales volumes are all about achieving targets and the task becomes even more challenging with a remote team. Usually, a brand has annual milestones but having quarterly goals is even better. In this way, you can accelerate things if the productivity is below expectations.

Analytics And Graphs

Holding discussions with the sales team through voice calls is good but visual analytics is more result-oriented. Through a dashboarding platform, you can see how products are being pitched and also have a look at the conversion rate.

Client Feedbacks To Manage Team

The possibility of improving B2B sales only exists when you have regular feedback from clients. During your daily call, have a word about how customers are commenting on the product progress. In addition to that, attention should be paid to the development of a revised strategy if things have to be improved.

Clear Communication Channels

Different levels of communication should be highlighted for team communication. For discussions, you can use calling software. However, for giving instructions on how the sales pipeline has to be completed or the promotional material to be sent, email is the ideal way out. This is because; important communication threads should be documented.

Focus On Digital And Social Media Marketing

These days, sales methods are quite tech-oriented. Digital marketing is a lot more dominant than direct pitching. Therefore, incorporate this factor when you are designing the B2B strategy. Discuss the social media pages of the company and how quality content can be added according to customer preferences.

Individual Target Accomplishments

It is important to have a tool to measure quantifiable progress. A sales executive is not performing well if he is not meeting targets. To get the best outputs, keep a check on the targets of each individual along with the team performance.

Product Improvement Discussions

Even the best product can be improved. On a weekly basis, hold a virtual meeting for discussing this aspect. It is not necessary that betterment should be done only when there are negativities. You can always include the X factor to get more buyers.

Sales Measures Along With Competitor Analysis

To get to the top, you need to be better than others selling similar products. Hence, analysis of competitors is necessary. This should be a regular activity for your sales team.

They should keep an eye on how competitors are performing. In addition to that, if there is something that your brand is skipping, it should be elaborated.


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