Facebook – despite being established in 2005, just a year after MySpace is still just as prominent in our collective lives as it always has been. 

In fact, in the first quarter of 2020, Facebook reported around 1.73 billion daily active users, showing it’s still got a huge user base – a user base that, for a business owner, could be a vast audience of potential new customers.


  • 54% users identify themselves as female and 46 male
  • Average Facebook user has 155 friends
  • 44.84 million U.K users
  • 88% of online users are aged 18 – 29
  • 387 million users in Europe
  • 93% marketers use Facebook for ads
  • Facebook advertising reach is 19 billion

But what are some things that you can do to promote your business via Facebook effectively? Let’s take a look at some ways that this social media giant could be used to benefit the success of your venture.

Paid Advertising

Facebook AD

The most obvious way that Facebook can be used to drive new customers to your business is through paying to advertise with Facebook.

Facebook offers a wide variety of different advertising options, which can be chosen based on a range of different objectives, including whether you would like to drive traffic to your website, raise brand awareness or increase reach.

The cost of advertising on Facebook varies according to several different factors, such as the type of ad you are running, the objective of your campaign and the time of year you run your campaign. 

There are several ways to place ads on Facebook.

Ads were placed initially down the side of the webpage. Still, the range of advertisement types available for businesses has increased in line with the success of mobile social networking.

With most ads now being placed directly into the users’ news feed, or appearing as a pre-roll or mid-roll before or during a video on the platform.

Advertising on Facebook is, of course, the most effective way of using the platform to reach a broader range of customers within a shorter scale of time. Still, there are other things you can do to use Facebook to promote your business that isn’t quite as cost-driven.


It’s highly beneficial to set up – and properly maintain – a Facebook page for your business or service.

Anyone can set up a page for a business on Facebook, but by maintaining and continuing to post to your page, it can be a highly successful way to promote your business or service. 

Users can ‘like’ your page, at which point, the posts that you upload will find their way onto their news feed, increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your business and encouraging engagement.

Fully Set Up Your Page

Fill In All The Details

First of all, it’s essential to be sure that your page is as informative as possible for new customers. Be sure to fill out the ‘about’ and ‘service’ section according to your businesses needs. 

Do you have a website for your business? If so, link it to your page. If your company operates at certain times, show these.

Share any points of contact that your customers, and potential customers, can reach you by, including physical business locations, or phone numbers that they can ring for more information.

Keep Your Facebook Fresh

After this, be sure to update the content on your page regularly. For instance, if your business is a store, you should often refresh your page with photographs and descriptions of the products you are offering. 

It can also be a great place to share any offers or promotions you are running that could encourage new customers and sales.

Maintaining a successful Facebook page for your business allows you to keep in touch with customers, and offers customers a way to engage with your business, and share the posts with friends or family who may also be interested.


Whether you are running paid advertisements or attempting to raise brand awareness through your Facebook page alone, the type of content you upload to the platform is the deciding factor as to how successful this is.

Be sure that the advertisements and content you are putting out to your audience of existing and potential customers is eye-catching and exciting.

To look at one case, in particular, shopping site Wish uses ‘carousel ads’ showcasing eye-catching and often confusing products from the website, which leads to an increase in customers visiting the website for more information on the products in question.

Wish Facebook


Many businesses use giveaways, competitions and other similar promotions to raise brand awareness.

For instance, a clothing website may run a giveaway, in which the only conditions you must meet to enter the giveaway are to ‘like’ the businesses page, share the giveaway post and tag one or more of your Facebook friends in the comments of the post. 

It is generally an effective way to raise brand awareness, and possibly drive sales or site traffic in the long run.

While giving away products may, at face value, seem counterproductive in terms of increasing profit, it’s a very effective way of increasing brand awareness and potential sales.

Take a look at the scenario: ‘Jane’ sees the post advertising the giveaway and decides to enter. To do this, she must ‘like’ the page, meaning she will then receive all the new content uploaded by the business in her news feed. 

Then she must share the post, meaning the initial giveaway post gets shown to her 300+ Facebook friends. 

Finally, she tags two other friends in the comments section. These are usually close friends, who will most likely share similar interests to ‘Jane’, and are therefore more likely to follow these steps themselves.

Meaning the business has the potential to gain several ‘likes’ and shares from just one competition participant.

Even if neither ‘Jane’ nor her two friends win the prize offered. They may decide to purchase a product for themselves, either now or as a result of further content they see from the page, the content – after ‘liking’ the page – will now appear on their Facebook news feeds regularly.


Consider these steps followed by multiple participants, and it’s clear that the potential for success this way is enormous.

Overall, there are many ways to use Facebook to your advantage when promoting your business.

Take a look at what catches your attention on social media, get ideas to drive the most traffic and come up with some creative ways to implement these for your own business.

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