Great logos leave a lasting impression on consumers. They help build a brand and drive sales.

Everybody loves great logos, but it is not easy to create them. There are several things you need to consider when creating a logo for your company.


  • Important to make a first impression
  • Signals the uniqueness of your company
  • They are a big factor in consumers making a decision on your services
  • They are the ‘face’ of your company

Important First Impression

This is important to be able to reflect what you do effectively to the consumer and at the same time easy for them to remember it.

Uniqueness of Your Company

It is important to have a logo that is unique and signifies your business and your brand and it is what makes you stand out to your competitor.

Big Factors in Consumers Making a Decision

Yes that’s right, your logo is a big factor in people making a decision in buying your product services. So you want to make sure it signifies what your core message is.

A logo is The Face of Your Company

Think about it, how else do you recognise McDonald’s. Would you be able to tell the difference from another restaurant on the high street? You look for it’s ‘face’ the big M. Your logo is the real face of your business, not the person at the front desk.


Before doing anything else, you want to research other similar successful businesses to yourself and analyse their logo, what message are they trying to convey, is it in colour or black and white, is it a text-based logo or image, it it simple or complex and what colours are they using or no colours at all.

The analysis will help you build a picture on an effective logo design. Then look at what you can do to be slightly different and STAND OUT amongst the crowd!


One glaring observation with company logos is that they seem to be getting simpler and minimised, consider Nike and Apple and you will notice the transformation of the logo from the 70;s to the present day.

Nike Logo Evolution from 1971
Nike Logo Evolution
Apple Logo Evolution From 1976
Apple Logo Evolution From 1976

Giant companies like these spend millions on their logo and when you see the transition from start to present day you cannot help but notice it is not about adding more but taking away more. That should definitely tell you something.


When you think outside the box and look to be daring with the design it can really make you stand out and pay dividends. Although you want to be careful and not seem to be too out of place.


Apple’s logo fits perfectly on a phone, to the point that when you think Apple you think iPhone and when you think smartphone you generally think iPhone.

How would the original Apple logo look on a phone? Not as appealing with its ‘messy design’.

iPhone Logo on back
Apple iPhone Logo design on back

So consider where the logo will be displayed and how it would look on your products or on your different digital profiles. It is an important factor to consider when you design a logo.


Wordmarks are multi-letter abbreviations that comprise a logo. Companies like CNN, IBM and Google use Wordmark logos. Letterform logos comprise of just one letter. Think McDonald’s and Honda.

Abstract logos are a bit like abstract art. They don’t represent anything that you can recognize. Nike uses an abstract logo. Pictorial logos are symbols of things that we can recognize. Twitter and Starbucks have pictorial logos.

Before you start designing your logo, you should know which type will suit your company better. If you have a short brand name, a wordmark logo may suit your company well. If you are planning to choose an abstract symbol, make sure that it reflects your brand’s personality.


In order to differentiate your brand, you have to choose colours that your competitors don’t use in their company logos. Colours are one of the most important factors or even lack of colour!

Different colours evoke different sentiments. Red is intense, active and a little alarming. Blue represents calm and reliable. Yellow is cheerful, fresh and energetic.

Check out these colours below and the brands using them

Blue Logos of brands
Blue Logos
Green Logos of brands
Green Logos
Purple Logos of brands
Purple Logos
Red Logos of brands
Red Logos
Yellow Logos of brands
Yellow Logos


The choice of fonts is equally important. Different kinds of fonts work for different businesses. Bold, straightforward font conveys ideas such as strength, justice and honourability. Whimsical fonts are ideal for companies that promote fun, sweetness and youth.

Even if you are a good designer, it makes sense to hire a skilled graphics designer. However, before approaching a designer, you should know what colours, fonts and shapes you like and don’t like.

Professional design firms charge thousands of dollars to design a logo. Few start-ups can afford to pay that kind of money. Hiring a freelance designer is a better idea. They may charge between £20 and £150 per hour.

Once you have got your logo designed, you need to show it off everywhere. Your logo should be a part of your online campaign. It should be there in your print ads, television commercials, on your doors, business cards, company letterheads and uniforms.


While choosing a logo for your business, you have to ensure that it is not similar to the logos of your competitors. If it is like theirs, customers won’t be able to recognize you and hence you will lose business.

Avoid trends! trends tend not to last and the latest craze today is gone tomorrow. You want a logo that will be time tested.

Your logo might require a little touching up after 10 years or so. Minor makeovers will prevent it from growing stale.