Be aware of the ‘Health and Safety’ issues that may affect your business.

Be aware of the ‘Health and Safety’ issues that may affect your business.
Health and Safety.

Check your legal responsibility for health and safety of your employees and the public, and register your business with either the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (most factories, workshops) or your local authority (most offices, shops, businesses).

If the process is likely to cause pollution?

Check if authorisation is needed to apply to either your Local Authority Environmental Health Department / National Rivers Authority / local water authority, sewerage undertakers as appropriate.

For further information :

Phone your local authority (Environmental Health Department) or HSE’s Infoline on 0870 1545500

See the HSE website ‘An introduction to Health and Safety’ INDG259 available for download

If food is being stored or prepared on the premises.

Contact your Local Authority Environmental Health Department.

Fire Certificate.

Some businesses, such as guest houses, hotels, and residential nursing care, may require a Fire Certificate. Check with your local Fire Authority to see if a Fire Certificate is required.

For further information :

Read ‘Fire Precautions in the Workplace – Information for Employers’ from HealthandSafetyExecutive (HSE) website.

Legal Advice / Document Templates

If you need legal advice on health and safety issues, you may find a local professional legal advisor.

Law Depot provide a number of legal document templates relating to Health & Safety issues.