Information on Intellectual property

Information on Intellectual property

Don’t infringe other’s, don’t let others infringe you.


You should protect your company name and logo, any inventions, product designs or copyright. You should also avoid infringing the intellectual property rights of others.

Act Now!

It can take months to register your trademark, so it is essential to start the process as soon as possible, e.g. as soon as you have decided upon your brand name.

Is a Limited Company Name automatically protected?

No. Even if you have successfully registered a limited company name, it is not automatically protected as a brand name.

Using the TM sign against your logo

The Trademark sign (™) can often be used just 6 weeks after you have applied to register your trademark. This can often elevate your organisation’s status in the eyes of your potential customers. However, some IP professionals jokingly say that (™) stands for “Totally Meaningless” – because its use does not offer full protection.

Once the mark is fully registered, you can use the Registered Trademark sign (®).

Further information :

Types of Intellectual Property

There are different types of IP depending on what it is for, some types of protection are automatic, whereas others you must apply for it. Get more information on this from the government’s website page on IP.

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 More information available?

Information on intellectual property rights are available from the Central government website.

Legal Advice / Document Templates

If you need legal advice on issues relating to intellectual property, you may find a local professional legal advisor within our business services listings.

Further Government Advice

Simply Docs provide a number of legal document templates relating to intellectual property issues.

The government’s information on intellectual property can be found on their website.

Applying for trademark registration: information is available on the UK governments site.

For EU and International trademarks, you can get the information by visiting this page. It contains information, documents and an explainer video.

A list of national IP offices can be accessed from this page