Some Apps Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Entrepreneurs might start alone, but eventually, they have to create a team and have cutting-edge technology to help them achieve success. When you are building a company from scratch, you have to make the best use of your time and resources. Luckily for you, there are several apps that can help you manage your time and money more efficiently. And you don’t have to go looking for them because we have already done that. Here is a list of some apps that every entrepreneur must-have.


Geographical distance will no longer delay the closing of an important contract. Echosign is an Adobe app which allows you to sign documents electronically. In addition, it will store the history of each document in case you will need to access it in the future.

Fedex Office

Using FedEx Office, you can easily send files and images to the nearest FedEx office to get them printed. You can also upload files from Google Drive and DropBox.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

This can be a game-changing application for an entrepreneur who has to be connected 24/7. When you start out, you cannot miss even a single opportunity. A bad internet connection can do a lot of harm to your budding business. The Free Wi-Fi Finder will prevent this from happening.


This app will allow you to hire a taxi or a private car using your mobile phone. It is a must for all entrepreneurs who are always on the go.


Using TrackMaven, you can easily monitor the information about your competition without having to consult multiple sources.


While screenshots are quite common in the world of business, making notes on them is not easy. This app from Evernote will allow you to get to the point via different shapes, annotations, and sketches.

While there are tons of other apps in the market that would help you have a firmer grip on your business, make sure you have the apps we’ve mentioned her. Some other apps that you may like are CloudOn, Audio Memos, and LectureNotes.

Minimize the productivity loss by going mobile. These apps help you get in control of your day.